Watch Strap Template Mold

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Design Your Own Strap, Be Your Own Style

Love to DIY your own watch strap? Our Watch Strap Template Mold can be a handy tool for you. These watch strap templates for leather craft are precision laser cut from acrylic. 

These patterns are intended to serve as a guide for your knife, so you can precisely and easily cut with a high degree of consistency.


  • Clear and transparent design - Can see through to the leather, that helps you cut precisely and easier.
  • High quality material, durable to use and custom-made
  • Ideal for professional designer to make watch strap.

  • With best optical-quality, highest long-term design stress, superior weatherability.

  • Protective masking on the side to protect the sheet from scratches, easy to removable, need to peel the paper off by yourself.


  • Length: 121 mm
  • Material: Transparent Plastic
  • Weight: 50g 


1 x Watch Strap Template Mold (Selected Style Set)