Wire-end Crimping Plier

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Wire-End Ferrule Crimping Plier are an important accessory in our electrical work, and this is a handy tool for your crimping! This crimp tool can automatically adjust to the appropriate diameter for stripping.

Wire-End Ferrule Crimping Plier has a handy design and light weight, you have comfortable grip and save more energy. Ratchet mechanism relaxes automatically as soon as the required force for secure pressing has been achieved.


  • Safety : Crimped wire end can prevent wire from slipping out which may caused short circuit, fire, or even fatal injuries/death. 
  • Tidy Work : Crimping wire end using ferrules looks more tidy & professional and of course safer.
  • Adjustable : Can automatically adjust to the appropriate diameter for stripping
  • Light Weight : Portable and save energy by reducing workload.

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* Adjustable Ratchet and Lever Action Construction reduces fatigue degree.
* Special Four-Mandrel Crimping Style for Square Crimp.
* High quality crimping standard ensures repeatable crimping action.
* Ideal for crimping insulated and non-insulated wire ferrules.
* Quick release safety lock.

Material: Nylon & copper alloy
Capacities mm²: 0,25 ~ 6,0 mm²
AWG: 23 ~ 10
Overall length: 175mm/ 6.89"
Range of Application: Wire-end Ferrules

1 x Wire-End Ferrule Crimping Plier