Wool Winder String Ball Holder

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It is easy to work with this Wool Winder String Ball Holder, easy set up ,no tool required & complete with manual way! A cool gadget for knit and crochet! Hand-operated yarn/fiber winder for making pull thread balls wit Light weight, low noise when working, convenient and portable. Yarn ball winders are also a preemptive way of inspecting your yarn for knots or weak points so you can fix them before you start working. Winding your yarn before use also prevents it from getting as tangled as it might if you were to pull directly from the skein.


With a Wool Winder String Ball Holder you can also make your own yarn cakes from scrap yarn instead of buying one. Also, any partial skeins you have left over from a project are much easier to keep organized if they are in cakes instead of floppy skeins. Perfect size for one ball of yarn. If you never used one before, just keep the tension on the string, don't wind the ball as fast you can and take your time, you will be alright. Even if you mess up, it a easy fix as well! Its easy a simple machine. If you get tired winding the yarn yourself, get your kids or even your husband to do it.



  • Can be placed on table
  • Simple and practical winding machine
  • Light weight
  • Low noise
  • Convenient and portable
  • Easy winding smooth spinning
  • Get your knitting and crocheting supplies organized easily
  • Instruction: Lock the winder at the table, tighten up the button to fix it, and put the string through the iron wire to block on the groove of the disk.


  • Color: as pictures show
  • Material: plastic + iron
  • Size: 19 X 18 X 11.5cm/7.48 X 7.09 X 4.53"


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